Creative Style Umbrella Chests

There are many wood artists who like to create new types of umbrella chests, also known in some places as hope chests. Some purchase old stylings to think of new ideas. Art Nouveau is one style that has credited itself very easily to the creation of umbrella chests with a smooth flowing line rather than the umbrella box sq treatment. This style in addition has been used as an outside design element with its smooth interlocking flowing method. Flowers and vines flowing together have made very plain umbrella chests into beautiful ones.

It’s usually carried out with the design added to the the top of wood so that it creates a three dimensional effect. By also using different shades and types of wood, you would not desire to color your design with paint or use different shades of stain. Your design could stand out with the wood hemp and color focusing the floral design.

Sulfur inlay for designs is a method that was used many years ago. Many seventeenth and eighteenth-century Philadelphia made furniture, especially umbrella chests, were adorned with sulfur inlay. This became done by first carving out a low decorative design into the hope chests using very sharp wood chisels. From there, molten sulfur was carefully poured into the incisions. This material was a frothy Amethyst Dice cream color in coloration. Along with the sulfur inlay used in their beautiful designs, cream color, covering, contrasting colored wood and bone were additional materials placed into the wood ripped incisions.

This inlay was very fine in more detail so that all of the designs created were very sophisticated in character. This method style is not used very often in present day. It is mainly one that is used by artists desperate to replicate umbrella chests from times past. These reproduction hope chests are constructed using this also handcraft skills and methods.

Detailed painted designs are another favorite way to add distinctiveness to umbrella chests. Hex designs, which are symbols meant to bring good luck to households by preventing evils state of mind from entering, are a charming and nostalgic addition to hope chests. These beautiful designs of German origin are often recognized favorites. They are vibrant colored usually depicting the tree of life, flowing vines, bears, and birds along with the circular motifs. All of the colors and each particular design contain meaning so it would be a fun project to manufacture a design for your umbrella chest that would have special meaning for you and your family.

Normally geometric in design, hex symbols are very on the house when painted on umbrella chest furniture. Each of these symbols have their own meanings such as birds (distelfinks) for good luck the star for luck, the tree of life for longevity, bears for love and kindness, tulip for faith, horse head for protecting against animal disease and buildings from super strikes, 3 tulips for faith, hope and charity, rain falls for fertility, abundance and rain, doves for peace and satisfaction, double star for success, sun wheel for warmth and fertility, the circle for everlasting or infinity, four sharp star for a bright day, novelty helmet for good health, strength and daring, maple leaf for satisfaction, cherry leaf for strength, 4 one fourth moons for the months of the year, rosette for good luck and to stay away bad luck and evil, twelve sharp rosette for a memorable month each month of the year, wealth and happiness, unicorn for virtue, piety and the belief in God and wavy line for smooth sailing through life.

Umbrella chests are made in many styles and wood types so it is easy to find a wood chest that will compliment your decor. You can choose a customized hope chest with wonderful design or you can include painted or carved designs to give it a personal touch. Beautiful examples of carefully hand woven umbrella chests can be found at Umbrella Chest Heirlooms created by skilled wood artists.

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